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Product details

ZD30 genset integrates Nissan ZD30 engine and advanced genset matching technology, and inherits such characteristics of Nissan ZD30 engine as high power, high reliability, high economy, low noise and low emission, widely used in families, military industry, oil fields, ships, mines, communication systems, financial systems, hotels, hospitals and other important fields. 

Product features:

Precise control: The fluctuation of engine speed is controlled within ±1r/min at constant speed, and the speed droop is much lower than that of similar products. 

Low noise: This diesel engine inherits the low noise feature of ZD30 engine, and the provision of a high-quality sound attenuated enclosure allows a working noise of 12% lower than that of similar products. 

Convenient matching: Compared with mechanically controlled genset, the application of Bosch full electronic-control system spares the need for an electronic fuel control governor, simplifying the matching needs. 

Low emission: The imported EGR water-cooling system and Bosch high-pressure common rail electronic control fuel system can effectively reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to meet Euro III and above emission standards.

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