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Vehicle overview

Product details

Vehicle characteristics

  Pickup symbolizes the spirit of an era

  Zhengzhou Connaught gifted ZNY5030XLJX4 pickup RV

  Uninhibited look with delicate internal, advanced lightweight bodydesign, high-end configuration lived, distractions, with the pace of timebefore your trip, as you exciting pursuit of the highest.

  Connaught gifted selling pickupliving in cars

  1, German design, Chinesewisdom made

  Connaught gifted German touring car designed by a professional carcompanies realize the German modern design with traditional Chinese tenonstructure perfect fusion. CNC machining, mold manufacturing, productionstandardization and personalized design; excellent promise RV RV technology iscurrently the leading production base.

  2, environmental protection,health and safety

  Environmental protection and well-known brand furniture panels arebonded with glue from Germany, reached E0 grade sheet (material developedspecifically environmental indicators vote veto), the car non-toxic, harmless,tasteless, to European environmental standards of luxury cars, It embodies thepromise of superior car occupants health and green humane pursuit.

3, the atmosphere relaxed,comfortable space to enjoy, fully functional

  Sitting area for reading, for eating, sleeping, and entertainment.Operating area with cooker and basin, RV dedicated hood, special import RV 108Lfridge, extension of the special formula for outdoor gas cooker. Whole bathroomis equipped with electronically controlled toilet and black water tank pull-outplug, ventilation skylights. Shower area with a gas hot water systems, separateshower, ventilation skylights, imported shower system, waterproof bathroom. Wetand dry separation, isolation privacy original design.

  Philips HD LED TV, air conditioning, heating and electricalinstallations complete wind;; oversized closet and storage space, top-wallcabinets, imported hardware cockpit leather seats, wood trim, integratednavigation system reversing surveillance systems, double hollow acrylic,privacy glass doors and windows are equipped with screens, electric car pedal;the vehicle is equipped with imported awning, interior lighting system, hiddenLED lights, bedside reading lights ..

  4, light weight, corrosionresistance

  Body panels using composite sandwich panels, instead of thetraditional wood and metal profiles, high strength, light weight, the totalmass of 2.4T, low fuel consumption, flexible turning, braking distance isshorter, safer and more reliable. Weight of the composite material is aluminum1/4, and can reach the level of strength of steel, nail-holding power and highdensity of the wood is quite a closed porosity of 99%, hydrophilic 0, rejectcorrosion.

  5, champion quality, reliableguarantee of the classical tradition, Awards

  Champion quality chassis, after Dakar, crossing the East, CentralTower and other international and domestic competitions ordeal, and won severalawards through the desert, swamp, desert, plateau and other "devil"stage. Synchronization and imported Nissan technology, quality and origin, withthe production line, the same network service, longer wheelbase to 3700MM,wheelbase widened. Configuring ZD25TCI 2.5T diesel engine, power surging.Heritage Classic quality, repeatedly won the "high-end pickup truckcustomer satisfaction first brand" the title of the best safetyperformance of domestic pickup truck.

Vehicle parameters

Vehicle album

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